What Is a Cron Job?

Cron is a standard Linux utility which we use to schedule a command or script to run automatically at a specified time and date. It is like the schedule task in Windows. Cron is very useful for repetitive tasks as we can delete temporary files, modify files or databases regularly at a specified time and send the report by email.

Cron Job’s time interval:

Usually you can set cron job every minute, hour, day of the wekk, day of the month, month or any combination of these.

Dhaka Web Host limits cron job to run in 15 minutes interval on Shared server as too much cron jobs may cause high loads on the server.

Cron Job Limit:

For Shared hosting and reseller hosting:

You are not allowed to run cron job below 15 minutes interval on shared hosting.

For Vps and Dedicated server:

You can set cron job at any interval if you have VPS and Dedicated Server.

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